Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dogs in Superman Costumes

My original intent was to use today’s post to get on a soapbox and decry the practice of putting dogs in Halloween costumes. I was going to charge owner’s who did this with cruelty, and point out that they were certainly embarrassing their dogs. As a dogman, one thing I know is dogs hate to be embarrassed. Does the poor guy dressed as a hot dog above look proud?

When writing these posts, I usually turn to the internet to find images to illustrate them, because people these days expect pictures with their words, at least in a blog.

I’m sure I’m violating copyright all kinds of ways, but until I have enough readers to complain, I have no plans on worrying about it. Anyway, it's Fair Use.

I have next to no photos of my dogs (or anything else from 1975-2003, or so), so when I post pictures of a German Shepherd on a piece about Arthur, for example, I’ll usually use images I find of a dog that looks sort of like he did.

Luckily, today, when preparing this entry about how awful it was to make your dog wear a Halloween costume, I searched for the pictures before I wrote the posting. This Google Image search led me to a completely different conclusion than my original.

Everyone should dress up their dog for Halloween. Superman is a classic choice, and classics are such for a reason. Who doesn’t look good in a Superman costume! Batman is a perennial favorite as well.

I don’t want to discourage anyone’s creativity. Dress your dog in whatever costume you can imagine. But dress him for Halloween! And maybe Christmas. Or just to brighten up any boring day.

Please send me any pictures you have of your dog in a costume. My e-mail is My Facebook friends can also post their pictures on my wall.

Would you look at how cute all these guys are?! And this was just from a quick search. Look, this golden is dressed as Cerberus!

And, finally, it wouldn't be Halloween without a "sexy" outfit for the bitches in your house. Though canine sexualization remains a serious problem in this country, we won't solve it by burying our heads in the sand. If your girl proposes leaving the house in this costume, it's time for the two of you to have a long talk, especially about body language and its consequences.

The Scottsdale Dogman eagerly awaits your pictures of costumed dogs. I doubt there are many available of costumed cats, because I can't imagine a self-respecting cat permitting it. But I've been surprised before.

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Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Great costumes these dogs have. A scarf is all my dog wears so far. She is a classy lady! As far as dressing up cats, you'd be surprised. Must check out Daisy the Curly Cat--she dresses up a lot and every Friday usually models a new outfit. For Halloween she modeled several different costumes that she's worn over the years--hilarious!

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