Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Dog News Special Edition

The Saturday wrap up of Dog, Cat and Pet news from across the land!
(stories of animal abuse ARE NOT included here)

Who wouldn’t give mouth-to-muzzle to their dog?! I’d give mine my kidney!

Is there anything dogs can’t do? I appreciate them sniffing out these nasty buggers.

Penzoil goes in a car’s engine. Cats should usually be in a carrier.

 Tax Deduction Sought for US Pet Owners! Yeah, the Dogman could get behind this.

I didn’t include a picture of Jawless pit bull Jordan. You can thank me by continuing to read my blog.

Could your pet pig get H1N1 swine flu? Maybe, but dogs and cats are not at risk. Got a ferret or something else? Read this.

Again, what can’t dogs do? Math, sure, but they’re still pretty awesome!

Some New Zealanders are claiming pets are as environmentally dangerous as SUV’s, and that the time to eat our dogs and cats is nigh! I think this writer has a better thought.

Racist Halloween costumes for your dog. To avoid the possibility of offense, please, don’t make your dog wear clothes or costumes, except for a sweater if he’s cold and needs one.


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