Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday News of the Dog

Actress Katherine Heigl saves 25 Chiuahuas! Here's the deal. Because of Paris Hilton and other such celebretards, Humane Societies in Southern California find themselves swamped in the little dogs whose fashionista moms (and a few gay dads, I'd reckon) considered them an accessory and have now moved on to another trend. Sadly, the poor little dogs have no choice in the matter. Heigl got the 25 little dogs flown cross country to New Hampshire, where they have a good shot at adoption. Celebrities might get too much attention in general, but Katherine Heigl's generous act should garner applause from us all. 

Chapman University, in Orange, CA, is having University sanctioned "puppy therapy" to help students deal with the stress of finals. OK, I'll come out and say it. Kids today are soft. I got through college without any G.D. puppy therapy. But, still, puppies! Check the story out here.

My policy is to stay away from ugly dog news on this site. This next story, while sort of ugly, is pretty darn interesting! From beautiful Valparaiso, IN: Mom's Dog Kills Son's Pet Hamster; Son Tries to Kill Mom's Dog. R.I.P., Senor Hamster, but at least the doggy is alright. The 25 year old son pulled a gun on the dogs, threatened his mother, stopped her from calling police, and then was found with weed and paraphernalia. He's facing 14 years, which is 946 hamster years. Read this delightful holiday story here.

If you're adopting a dog, consider adopting an old dog! They're the best, they need you, and, whether you know it or not, you probably need them. I'll say it again: If you're adopting a dog, consider adopting an old dog! Read this article!

And, finally, Michael Vick wishes he could have a dog! What a shame he can't. I'll bet Roman Polanski would like to have a Jaycee Dugard, but guess what? Sometimes we reach a point where there are no second chances!


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