Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Wrap-up and Poll Question

Happy Sunday and thank you for stopping by the Den.

If you look to the bottom left of this page you'll see a box that says, "Follow Me!" It gives you an opportunity to "join" the Den of the Dogman! What could be cooler? Presently, I have 19 followers. Bless them all, but I need more, hundreds of followers, because, ultimately, the Dogman has somewhere to lead you all! Is this the beginning of a cult? I can't say. Just sign up to be a follower, and I will be your Alpha! You might have to sign up for "Google Friend Connect" first. Don't let that put you off. It's a minor inconvenience for the opportunity to follow me!

Now, what happened in the Den of the Dogman this week?

On Monday, Levi sounded off in his weekly, "My Turn," column. This time around, Levi decided he would be a mentor to puppies everywhere, so he offered some general advise to the young in, "You've Got to Stop and Smell the Urine." Come back tomorrow for some more of Levi's thoughts and opinions.

On Tuesday, a titillating title, "My Nightly Threesome," led into a short talk about the sleeping arrangements of Erica, Levi, and me. Not my best piece, but there's a really funny movie at the end that will make it worth your while to check it out.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday consisted of a series of stories that brought us back to 1984. First, Karen and I moved, with Lyric and Holden, to Los Angeles. This required Holden to fly, which really messed him up. If there's any way for you to avoid having to fly your pet in cargo, any way at all, do it. Don't risk them, too, having to experience "Dog Torture at 30,000 Feet."

Once in LA, Karen and I became disillusioned with humanity. We were living in "Apocalypse 1984!" Because of this, and some other reasons, we did the only thing that seemed logical – We got another dog!

And that dog was a beautiful, grey and white, half German shepherd, half Australian shepherd puppy named Chelsea. She was such a good puppy it made me "Wish They All Could be California Girls." Now we had three dogs. We weren't pet owners anymore, we were pack leaders.

Tomorrow, there will be yet another opinion from the demented mind of Levi. Again, he won't tell me the subject, and, again, it doesn't much matter. I'll almost certainly end up distancing myself from Levi's views, as I always have had to in the past.

For a look at some of Levi's earlier opinion pieces, click here.

Finally, leave a note and tell me which of these five Entrecards you like best, and why. I've been alternating them, and I'm curious as to reactions. Please leave a comment. Which one most attracts attention. Knowing nothing about the site, having to click ONE, which one would you choose?

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JD at I Do Things said...


Interesting site! I just approved your Entrecard to show on my site and did a double-take when I saw that I had just approved an ad that showed a woman on a leash.

Soooo! I'd love to see you change it to ANY of the others, at least before your ad appears on my site.

Thank you!

Rich Sands said...

LOL! Good to know SOMEONE'S paying attention!

tashabud said...

I was wondering why your avatars keep changing. I like the third one the best. I voted for the third one, but it didn't register.

This is a good summary of your week's blog posts. I went to read the one that I missed this week.

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