Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Levi's Views

Levi is my current dog, and since I've begun this site, he's taken to writing editorials. I wouldn't say that Levi's opinions are well-founded, but they're, well...just read them and see.

Levi's first editorial was about something he is strongly against, Those People at the Door. Read Levi's thoughts about this pressing issue here.

Next, Levi wrote a strangely aggressive anti-Obama editorial. He notes that Obama is foreign, elite, too young, and the wrong color. It's my position that Levi dove a little off the deep end in this editorial, which you can read here.

Then Levi wrote about "Dudley dogs." This one is actually sort of informative, if not entirely factual. It's right here.

Levi seems to want to attack Jenny Craig. Read about his concerns in "A Weighty Matter."

Of all dogs to offer advise to puppies, it seems Levi might be the worst choice, but he doesn't see it that way. Here, Levi advises today's youth in, "You've Got to Stop and Smell the Urine."

And Levi and Erica wax philosophical about matters mundane and transcendental.


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