Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday News of the Dog, now with various internet stuff!

Welcome to Saturday's News of the Dog.
There's a small change in the format of the Saturday News starting this week. You know I don't include dog horror stories in the news, like stories of dog fighting, abuse, etc. That being the case, it's sometimes hard to find enough good dog news in a week to fill a web page. So, from now on, instead of strictly news, Saturday will be weekly dog news as well as dog and cat stuff I find around the internet. I guess the main thing to remember about Saturday's posting is, I still don't write any of it myself. Not that it isn't still hard work, of course.
Now, without further ado, this week's News of the Dog:

50 homeless, puppy-mill, dogs, get a Thanksgiving feast in Chicago on their way to new homes in New York. Excellent!

What was the deal with dogs at the first Thanksgiving? I was idly wondering, and then I stumble across this news story.

As has become a Saturday tradition, here's another freakishly large dog, this one is Boomer, from right here in the USA (well, South Dakota, but that's close enough).

This is so great! A squirrel attacks a dog who is going after her babies. Poor dog. Good for you, squirrel! See here!

What are you getting your dog or cat for Christmas? It'll be here before you know it.

This might be the saddest dog story I've ever read. At least it's the saddest I've read recently. It's called, "The Rescued Lab and His Tennis Balls." Proceed at your own risk here.

And, finally, a dog that does her own laundry! This is pretty impressive.


Marg said...

Lots of good stories. I like the one about the feast for the animals in the shelter. And the one about what dogs have to do with Thanksgiving. They are all great stories.

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