Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday News of the Dog

An article about, and link to, the greatest YouTube video ever, of a soldier returning from Afghanistan being greeted by his dog, Gracie. Incredibly moving! This is why we have dogs.

If it weren't so cold in Alaska, I might apply for this job, a government dog sledder!

The little twerp from the Twilight movies, Robert Pattinson, would like to be a dog. OK.

A new stage musical of "101 Dalmatians." I didn't think anything worse than "Carrie" the musical was possible. Will wonders never cease.

And if they need a fat Dalmatian: Great Britain takes its dog obesity problem seriously. A couple weeks ago you read about the fattest dog in Scotland. Now, a British man has been banned from owning dogs for ten years because he overfed his Dalmatian. I'm as against dog obesity as the next guy, but England is seeming a little gung-ho, as if the Nazis had won WWII instead of the Allies. 

Pfizer is pushing its new car sickness drug for dogs, so they can join you for Thanksgiving at Grandma's house! Grandma will be thrilled.

I'll see you next week with some more writing about dogs.

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