Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Special: Karen and her Seeing Eye Dogs Collection

This posting almost didn't happen. I've been struggling with my computer and seem to have whipped it into submission enough to publish, anyway.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this week will be light on new content. Today, I am giving the story of my late wife, Karen, and her three Seeing Eye Dogs. To meet Karen, click here.

First, there was Lyric, a beautiful, sensitive, long-haired German shepherd. She started out hating Karen! Read about Lyric here in a touching story.

Next came Vinnie, a silly, black lab who was sort of a fraidey-cat. Some of the things that scared him: Pirates and monkeys! Read about Vinnie here. If this isn't enough for you, here's another story about Vinnie beings scared of...monkeys, again! Some funny stories about a wonderful boy!

Finally, Karen's last dog, Arthur. Truly a king among dogs. A tragic story, very sad and sweet.


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