Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekly Recap

It's been another full week here at the Dogman's Den.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my work. I am appreciative of what people's time means to them, so anyone who gives up some of their day to read these natterings has earned my gratitude. I hope you'll keep stopping by, and enjoying what you find here. If you see something you like, and want to make it viral across the internet, that's perfectly alright with me.

On Sunday, I devoted a piece to Karen, my late wife, and, I suppose, the dogwoman. I didn't set out to collect all these animals on my own.

Monday brought Levi's anti-Obama editorial that seemed to come out of nowhere. Levi's kind of an inscrutable fellow, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at his views.

Tuesday I was lazy, and stuck a YouTube clip of The World's Ugliest Dog Contest. Look, it was the first day I haven't written something original since I started doing this. I'm just saying, worse crimes have been committed.

On Wednesday, I told about my ugliest dog, my first dog, Holden. He was ugly, stupid, fat and smelly, but I still adored him. Go figure. I guess that's the thing about dogs.

Finally, on Thursday, I took a piss on the Rainbow Bridge. It's a lovely sentiment, and nice to imagine it's real, but when you break the thing down into its logistical components, you're looking at potentially a very bad scene.

Tomorrow: Saturday's News of the Dog. Let's hope for a better week than last one.

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Raven said...

I hope your week next week is delightful!

I don't know if you 'do' awards, but I have one at my blog for you, just cuz I like your blog so much.

Have a very happy Friday.


Marg said...

Your blog is great. This is my first visit. Like the way you write.

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