Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 World's Ugliest Dog

Father Flannigan said there's no such thing as a bad boy. I think he was wrong. I've known some very bad boys in my time.

But the Dogman knows there's no such thing as an ugly dog. Of course, there are especially handsome dogs, like Levi, but I've never known an ugly one. Not even Chi-Chi.

Watch this contest and see if you think these kids are ugly. I know Pabst can come live with me today! And I really doubt Levi would give him any grief at all.


Daisy said...

They all have real cute nozzles!

tashabud said...

Ugly, yet, cute. A parodox?


lilyruth said...

I love all kinds of doggies and I have never seen an ugly one yet they are all so beautiful. "God does not like ugly" and all his dog creations go to Doggie Heaven. Where they will be loved always and have all the doggie treats they can want.

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