Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday News of the Dog

It's been my policy to stay away from disturbing news when I present my Saturday wrap-ups of the week's dog news. The papers are full of stories about puppy mills and dog fighting and people throwing dogs off balconies and such, and I don't want to fill people's heads with that kind of stuff.

Still, this first story today is far from pleasant. Bizarre, sad, disturbing story about a guy who wanted to be a dogman, and what went wrong. Robert Brunette, of Boulder, CO, kept about 50 dogs and lived with them as their "Alpha." Weird, Lord of the Flies type antics ensued. Now he's been convicted on all counts, and it seems, this putative "dogman" is facing 4 years in prison. The moral of this story: Kids, don't try this at home. Or, perhaps, try not to go too crazy.

Science has weighed in, and it's official, verified and scientific. Dogs are smarter than cats! I can't imagine this finding will result in any controversy whatsoever. I am refraining from mentioning this finding to Erica Kane, however.

Here's something positive, for a certain dog, anyway. Liza, a dog of uncertain provenance from Iraq, survived a suicide blast last week that killed 125 and injured 500. Humans. But Liza is alright, and has been reunited with a 14 year old boy who is the sole surviving member of his family. Of course the dogman wishes both Liza and her young master all the best.

With so few shopping days until Christmas, let us be thankful for The USA Today for providing us with a handy guide for the top ten gifts for dogs and cats.

Speaking of dogs and Christmas gifts, it's gratifying to know that Bo Obama will have his own Christmas stocking in the White House. Naturally, Levi opposes this, claiming that it will add to the deficit, but Levi's feelings about the First Dog might color his opinion somewhat. For one, I'm hoping Bo and the whole Obama family have a great Christmas!

This dog talks! Again, this particular dog talks!

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who wouda thunk it?? said...

I love the husky voice, just love it!!

Ricardo said...

I remember seeing a video of a dog that apparently was saying, "Blueberry muffins". It really did sound like it, too. Videos like that freak me out.

Sapphire said...

The dog probably just said that so its owners would shut up. Notice how it started howling when pestered to do it repeatedly. The things people train their dogs to do. oy! ;-)

Jaya said...

No. I'm not buying the 'dogs are smarter than cats' pronouncement. Dogs just test better because they want to please humans. Cats believe that humans should please THEM, and they really can't be bothered trying to perform well on intelligence tests.

Rich Sands said...

Sounds like the kind of excuse a cat would make. I'm just saying...

tashabud said...

I ain't takin' no side. No Siree. LOL. Smart dog, ain't he?

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